Art Blocks- Jamal Cyrus Interview

When Jamal Cyrus began thinking about subject matter that would be appropriate for the Art Blocks Main Street Marquee program, he found parallels between his penchant for music as a source of inspiration, the blues genre and the location of Main Street Square as a significant crossroads in the center of the city.

The Houston based artist pays homage to Houston blues artist Lightnin’ Hopkins and Houston music venue Liberty Hall that was once located at 1610 Chenevert. Lightning’ Field, located at 901 Main Street, echoes the energy of the city with a work that speaks to the concept of crossroads — both metaphorically and literally. The final art marquee is a rhythmic repetition of a vintage concert billboard that reminds passersby of Houston’s rich cultural heritage, which often goes unrecognized and undervalued.

Crossroads in blues music describes a destination where many genres meet, where cultural dialog happens, where transformation takes place. Cyrus hopes for the work to inspire viewers to look backward at Houston’s zeitgeist while thinking about how the city values artistry and creativity.